Sunday, 30 May 2010

Trapped in an Elevator

On Thursday I talked to the the 9A class about the idea of writing a narrative with an "elevator" setting. We discussed the idea that the main complication could be that it gets stuck between floors. Then we thought about a variety of characters that could be stuck in the elevator.

1. What if a murderer were one of the characters? Better yet, what if a man and girl were trapped together and she notices he has blood on his hands. The girl gets very nervous and her imagination takes over. Later, the man gets off the elevator and picks up two big cans of red paint - he's a painter! Great twist don't you think?

2. We also thought about the possibility of a boyfriend and girlfriend getting trapped and what could happen with them or the idea that a girl and boy who don't know each other end up on the elevator. The girl has had a secret crush on the boy for some time, but in the end she discovers he isn't that nice and she is no longer interested in him.

3. We also imagined the possibility of a famous person being on the elevator. The other person could be a crazed fan, somebody who doesn't know the famous person, or somebody who doesn't like the famous person. This was similar to the roleplay we did with the characters on an airplane earlier this year.

I mentioned that one of my favourite tv shows of all time is Friends and that there is an episode where Chandler (my favourite character) gets stuck in a bank with a famous model. Chandler is so funny! He feels so awkward and nervous. You have to see this! Click here to go to YouTube and watch the video: Chandler and the Famous Model on YouTube

Can anybody think of other good examples of unusual characters who were forced to spend time together by circumstances?

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