Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Another Angel Delivery! Thanks Mary!

We are so lucky to have generous people who send us books. Today, an American friend named Mary has sent us an amazing box of goodies.

Mary was so kind to find us books that are very popular at the SRR. With 800 girls hungry for great books, it is often quite difficult for them to get at the books they want so badly.

This incredible box of books she sent us has a lot of great titles.

First up, she sent us copies of Eclipse, New Moon, and Breaking Dawn. YES! Although we have a copy of these books in the SRR, this series is easily the most popular in the country and we really need another set. I am also happy to announce that Breaking Dawn is a hardcover! YES! You may have to wait for this one though because it is so beautiful I think I want to read it again, just to enjoy the hardcoverness of it all!

If that's not enough, Mary also managed to find us a copy of Betrayed and Marked - the first two books in the popular House of Night series. These books are always out of the SRR and it has been difficult answering all the requests for them. Thanks Mary!

A Great and Terrible Beauty has been another very popular title. It's nice to have a second copy so more girls can enjoy this one!

Scott Westerfeld's Uglies Trilogy has been a huge hit (well, it might have something to do with my constant promotion of it). Many of the 9A girls have read and loved the books and I'm so happy to tell you that Mary found copies of both Uglies and Pretties for us.

There is something here for everyone. We also got a couple of books by Jodi Picoult. We got Salem Falls and My Sister's Keeper (with the new, cool cover). Picoult's books continue to get a lot of attention this year so I'm sure these will be snapped up.

Mary also sent us a beautiful hardcover of Cecelia Ahern's Rose Dunne. Ahern's books jump off the shelves and I'm sure this hardcover will only last minutes before somebody grabs it. This one will probably have four or five readers a month.

Thanks so much Mary! All the books you sent us will be well-loved!

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