Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Book Preview: Horror High

Our book angel Peta strikes again! This time it is a couple of books from a Scholastic series called Horror High. Thanks again Peta! These look great!

Here's the blurb on book number one called Toxic Beauty:

It's the stuff of nightmares.
Starting a new school is hard enough, but Bethany has never felt more plain and ordinary. She’d give anything to be popular, beautiful and clever.When a mysterious man offers to make all of Bethany’s wildest dreams come true, she jumps at the chance. But she doesn’t realize that beauty comes with a price…

The fun continues with book number two called Killer Instinct. Here's the blurb:

There's talk around school about a mysterious house where no one ever lives for long. But when Holly and her friends decide to break in for a laugh, they don't expect to find it occupied - and by a vampire.
Suddenly they find themselves trapped in a deadly game. Either they all die or they choose one to stay and be the vampire's for ever. It's their choice...

Once again, thanks Peta for finding us such interesting new reading material. These books are bound to get picked up the minute they are put on the shelves of the SRR!

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