Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Chocolate Heaven

What a great day! Thanks so much to everyone for making my birthday so special.

9A really surprised me. As I walked into the classroom they had Happy Birthday written on the board and they sang the birthday song. Then, on my desk, I found this cute hand-made tie with all the signatures of the girls on it as well as the cool caricature pictured here - isn't it great that he/I am carrying a big box of books! What a truly unique gift! You girls are so thoughtful. Thanks so much!

I was hit with the birthday song again in Lit class which was fun (and they finished class with it too). I always feel a bit uncomfortable getting that sort of attention, but it was nice. Thanks girls. BTW, wasn't that a great poem by Byron? Funny that it talks about getting old on a day like today. BTW, don't forget to read your poems again tonight!

Then, 9F continued the celebrations with another rendition of the birthday song and then I got buried in an avalanche of chocolate. Thank you so much girls for your generosity. I love chocolate! Did I mention that? ;-) Also, thanks for the sweet card you gave me. It was very heart-warming of you.

As well, the teachers in the English Department had a buffet lunch to celebrate. That was great too! I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm the luckiest teacher on earth! I work at the best school in the country and I have the most wonderful students ever. I really do feel so fortunate to be your teacher. I couldn't ask for a nicer group of students to work with!

I'd like to say a special thanks to Amal from Lit class who dropped off a delicious chocolate dessert from Le Apple (Yummy!) and to Aqilah for the chocolate cakes from Lof. I'm saving those for after I have my supper. Also, thanks to Hamidah in 9F for the incredible assortment of chocolate bars and to all the girls of 9F for the big bag of chocolates and candies.


Monday, 19 April 2010

If I Stay

This one is a hidden gem in the SRR. It has been there for quite a while now, but I'm not sure if anybody noticed it. This is another book on the Amazon Top Books of 2009 and another book that Steph Su loved and you can read her review HERE. Steph says, "I was in tears for the last third of this book."

Amazon Description:
'Just listen,' Adam says with a voice that sounds like shrapnel. I open my eyes wide now. I sit up as much as I can. And I listen. 'Stay,' he says.

For seventeen-year old Mia, surrounded by a wonderful family, friends and a gorgeous boyfriend, decisions seem tough, even whey they're all about a future full of music and love, a future that's brimming with hope. But life can change in an instant.

A cold February morning...a snowy road....and suddenly all of Mia's choices are gone. Except one. As alone as she''ll ever be, Mia must make the most difficult choice of all.

Haunting, heart-rending and ultmately life-affirming, If I Stay will make you appreciate all that you have, all that you've lost - and all that might be.

When you visit the SRR, you just don't know what you might find! This book sounds great.

Beautiful Creatures

One of the most popular books to hit the SRR this month is a book called Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. This is another amazing donation by our book angel Peta from the UK. Thanks Peta!

I've been wanting to get this book ever since I read the review by Steph Su which you can read HERE. Steph is one of the best book reviewers on the web and she loved Hunger Games and the Poison Study Series so if you enjoyed those books you'll probably enjoy Beautiful Creatures. Steph loved it and noted that it was one of the top books of 2009 in her November 3rd post.

Amazon Description:
In Ethan Wate’s hometown there lies the darkest of secrets . . . There is a girl. Slowly, she pulled the hood from her head. Green eyes, black hair. Lena Duchannes. There is a curse. On the Sixteenth Moon, the Sixteenth Year, the Book will take what it’s been promised. And no one can stop it. In the end, there is a grave. Lena and Ethan become bound together by a deep, powerful love. But Lena is cursed and on her sixteenth birthday, her fate will be decided. Ethan never even saw it coming.

Actually, this book doesn't have a blurb on the back. That makes me a bit crazy. I rely on blurbs to give me an idea of whether or not I will like a book. However, I think the fact the book has been so well received (and highly rated by Steph) means this is likely a good book.

Keep an eye out for it (or beg the girls in 5C/D classes to put you on their internal waitlist as the girls seem to be passing it around right now). I'll post a review once I get a chance to read it. :-)