Sunday, 12 April 2009

Save Our Books!

This is just a reminder to take care of the books in our collection as best as you can. I'm so happy that everyone enjoys reading them as much as I do and I'm also happy that 95% of the time our books come back the way they go out. That's actually pretty good.

However, some of the most popular and loved ones come back after only a few people have read them and they look like they have been through a hurricane. We need our books to have a longer lifespan. We can't have them falling apart after only three or four people have read them.

I take books everywhere. I take them in the car. I take them to school. I carry them around to Telbru, Immigration, the electric company, and even to coffee shops. And when I return them, they still look brand new.

It's because I enjoy books so much that I carry them lovingly in my hand or put them in a safe position in my bag. If I set them down somewhere, I make sure they are safe. Nobody is going to sit on them. Nothing is going to get spilled on them. They aren't going to get rained on. A baby isn't going to scoop them up and start ripping pages out of them (babies love that).

Please take care of our books so the next reader will have as much fun reading them as you did.

Thanks. That is all.