Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Even More Books - this time from me!

Well, everyone is in the spirit of giving today so I'm donating three of my favourite hardcovers!

Collins' Hunger Games is incredible and a lot of students are begging for book two. It's here! I bought this one in the Chicago airport in December and it is absolutely stunning. I hope you enjoy it. Hunger Games took #3 in the 2009 Teens' Top Ten List and you can bet Catching Fire will be in the top ten for 2010.

Wake is another amazing book. I reviewed it last year and I still feel some of the content is a bit mature, but it is just too good to keep from the shelves of the SRR. Enjoy everyone! You can read my review HERE. By the way, it's #7 on the Teen's Top Ten for 2009.

With the popularity of Harry Potter and the fact that the new movie will be out in the near future - there will be a demand for HP books again I'm sure. I have fond memories of pre-ordering this book and rushing off to the bookstore to get it and then reading it as I walked out of the shop. Deathly Hollows is beyond awesome. It took #2 on the 2008 Teen's Top Ten list. Yeah, I know, that's stupid. You shouldn't even utter the names Rowling and Meyer in the same breath.

Enjoy girls.

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