Friday, 29 January 2010

Book Requests


I can get it for you! You just need to ask.

Last year the students asked for Cecilia Ahern, Nicholas Sparks, Mr Midnight, Meg Cabot, Goosebumps, Chicken Soup, and Sophie Kinsella. They got them. We now have an excellent collection of those books.

How do I do it? Well, I have a number of ways to get books. Sometimes I get lucky and our HOD gives me a bit of money (remember your $1 donation to the SRR fund) to buy books. Then I go to the bookstore and stare at the shelves trying to guess what a teenage girl would like to read! Sometimes I buy books from book depository (an incredible online bookstore) that I want to read and pass them on to the SRR. At other times, our generous benefactor Peta is able to get us books in the UK and she donates them to us. As well, we have a group of other mysterious donors who give us books that we request. Isn't that amazing?

How do I choose which books to get? That's the challenge. I need your help. You need to tell me which books to get. I'm older. I'm a guy. What do I know? Help me.

Don't be afraid to ask. Leave me a note on the shoutmix. Better yet, leave me a note in the comments section of this post. That way I have a permanent record of what you requested and who you are - making it easier for me to get the book to you.

Actually, I'm happy to report that a lot of girls are now getting the courage to ask me for books. Even girls from the other classes will now approach me in the office to ask about getting a book they like. It's great! I know it takes a lot of courage to do that so I try my best.

Notes on Books
  • A girl asked for the book Discover Your Destiny by Robin Sharma. I don't have that one yet, but I do have a woman in Australia (Cherelle) who has agreed to send The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari. I hope you will enjoy it. Can you remind me of your name by leaving a comment on this post and I'll let you know when it comes in?
  • For all the girls who are waiting for Poison Study. Our book hero Peta is sending us a new set from Book Depository. Yay! Actually, she was the person who "discovered" the study series and sent us the first set. It has been a huge hit at the school. Too bad the bookstores here haven't caught on yet.
  • For the Form 5 girls who asked me about Lord of the Rings, I have contacted a number of book donors and I hope to hear from them soon. I read this series five years ago and it is absolutely incredible.
  • As for My Sister's Keeper, we have one copy in SRR that is being read but I'll try to get another copy from Best Eastern as soon as possible. This book is very popular and a lot of girls want it so we had better get another copy.
  • Also, Eqah in 5D really enjoyed the first book of Vampire Academy. Good news, Egah! Peta is sending us copies of #2 and #3 from Book Depository. You're first in line to read them!
  • Another booklover in the UK named Sal (froglady) has donated 50 books to us! Isn't that amazing? We are so lucky to have the support of wonderful people like Peta and Sal. Thanks ladies!

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