Saturday, 16 January 2010

New Reading Room Books

We have some amazing new books for the SRR thanks to former STPRI girl Hudiya from 5B. She was in my class last year and is a great book lover just like the rest of us and on her vacation to Australia in December she was kind enough to get us some incredible books - especially if you are a Twilight fan! I think it is absolutely wonderful that she would think of us.

First of all, she got us a copy of the New Moon Movie Companion. Last year the Twilight Movie Companion was probably the most popular book in the SRR so I'm sure this year the New Moon book will get a lot of attention.

I guess Hudiya knows that the students like the guys in the movie because she got us a Scholastic book with lots of pictures in it called The Guys of Twilight. I wonder when they will publish a book of The Girls of Twilight. It's not really fair is it (btw, my favourite character is Alice)?

Once again on the Twilight theme, Hudiya got us a a parody of Twilight called "nightlight". How cool is that? I didn't even know there was a parody made of it. What's a parody? Well, it is a joke version of a story and it makes fun of the original. If you love Twilight (or even if you didn't like Twlight), you'll probably get a few laughs from this one.

As well, Hudiya bought us a copy of a book called Surf School which looks really good. I'm certain that it will be another popular book to read this year.

Thanks again for your generosity Hudiya. That was so nice of you!

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