Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Zee Avi Loves Books

If you listen to Krystal FM in the morning on the way to school you have probably heard the young Miri singer's "Kantoi" song in which she plays a ukulele (a kind of small guitar) and mixes both Malay and English. If you haven't, you can by pressing HERE. The first time I heard it while driving to school I was really shocked. First of all, it has a style that sounds kind of old, but at the same time it sounds very fresh and fun. Plus I kept wondering what language it was she was singing and then it hit me - it's Malay!

Her voice is incredible, isn't it? I'm really impressed by her work. I just love to hear songs that are different, new, and catchy. This girl is an original. I just think it is great that young artists have the freedom to explore new things - singers like Agnes Monica and even Lady Gaga just go out and find their own style. Fantastic! I mean, nobody sings with Zee Avi's style anymore and nobody plays the ukulele. Very cool.

I just sent her a message on her youtube page to congratulate her and wish her all the best. You can find her youtube page HERE at KokoKaina's channel.

I guess she has recorded an album in Los Angeles and has had her song used in a WalMart commercial. It also seems like she has played live on American television and managed to sneak onto the Billboard countdown list. She is on her way up! And all of this because she posted a video on YouTube. Cool.

I've always said that it is only a matter of time before somebody in Brunei becomes a worldwide sensation. If a girl from Miri can do it, a girl from Brunei certainly can!

Anyway, it turns out that Zee is also a book lover and we have proof in this short youtube video where she talks about how she started promoting her music just last year and her love of books. She seems like a very talented and clever girl (and I'll bet reading had a lot to do with that). :-)


Anonymous said...

Im really surprised that you just heard this song! This song already played in radio since last year! Haven't you heard anyone who just passed you, sing this song?? Most people already remembered the lyrics without searching it in the internet! And... 1 question, do you actually know what this song means??


Who is Mr. Jason? said...

Hi Izzah, thanks for the comment. I've always loved popular music and even today, in spite of my age, I still like to know what is new and exciting on the radio. Sadly I'm not as plugged in as usual. I stopped listening to Krystal FM for about a year so I've missed out.

As for the song "Kantoi" I think I know what it means for the most part but you could always translate it for me! It is about a guy and girl who cheat on each other and then get "busted" right?

Anyway, I've been listening to "Bitter Heart" and I think it is better.

Anonymous said...

"Bitter Heart"? Is that Zee Avi's song too? Hmm.. Should I listen to it? Here... I tried my best to translate the song:

Yesterday I call you, You didn't answer. You said you went out to a dinner. You said you went out with your friend. But when I called Tommy he said it wasn't true. So I drove my car to Damansara. Tommy said maybe you were watching football match. But when i arrived.. you, you were not there.. it makes me crazier.. So I called and called you until you answer. You said 'Sorry honey, I didn't hear the ringing. My phone was on silent, I was at the gim but there's a woman's voice at the back. Enough honey. I don't believe you. I've always known your words were never true. Why am I with you, I also didn't know. No wonder my friends didn't like you. So I guess that's the end of our story. Lastly she accepted his apology. But last last we knew that she was cheating too. With her ex boyfriend's bestfriend Tommy.


There... I already tried my best to translate it and I know this translation is up side down but hope you understand it.. :)


Who is Mr. Jason? said...

Hi Izzah, great translation thanks. I'm still a bit confused by the "she" in the song. Who was cheating with Tommy? Is it the narrator of the story? If so, why does Zee Avi change from "I" (first person) to "she" (third person). Maybe I'm missing something here.

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. I guess lot of us get confused with the "she" part.. But I would like to share my prespective that "she" was the woman that "I" heard her voice through the boyfriend's phone.
The boyfriend then apologised to "she" when "she" knew the boyfriend already had a girlfriend which was "I".

Is it make sense to you? I don't know if zee avi did make mistake in her lyrics or not BUT if she didn't make mistake at all, my conclusion might make sense then!!