Monday, 25 January 2010

BGIC 2010

I've invited 12 Year 9 students for an introduction to the Model United Nations Club tomorrow at 10:00 in the Senior Reading Room. Students were chosen by teachers in the English Department and they will have a chance to join the new ECA this year.

Let me just say that BGIC is the best thing you will do all year. You will meet some of the cleverest and most amazing young people around. Students come from many schools from Brunei as well as from other countries for this big event.

Year 9 students who participate in the Model United Nations Club will have the chance to observe the BGIC this year and may also be selected to participate as delegates in 2011.

Also, congratulations to the three girls from Form 5 who will represent the school as delegates this year!

We are in Forum 1 and we will be working in the Human Rights Committee
  • Humairah will be representing new Zealand
  • Ruth will be representing Cambodia
  • Lim will be representing Malaysia
Congratulations girls!!!

To see pictures from 2009 you can look here.

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