Friday, 20 February 2009

Why I'm Jealous of You...

When I was a teenager (yeah, a long, long time ago), I didn't read for pleasure very often. I had a lot of other things on the go I guess. I'd read a book a month maybe and it was mostly literature rather than books that were just good fun to read. We had a decent enough library in my school and there were some okay books but nothing like today.

A few things were different for me. First of all, I didn't have a big group of friends or classmates who loved reading for pleasure like you do. In fact, I'm pretty sure I never had a friend say, "Hey, Jason, you've got to read this awesome book!" I didn't have anybody around me recommending books. If you can believe it, I just "discovered" Roald Dahl three years ago! Why, oh why, didn't somebody read me Roald Dahl when I was a kid? I feel ripped off. Roald Dahl might have got me into reading in a big way.

I never had that Harry Potter moment. When a young reader first discovers Harry Potter, it can be a "magical" experience. He/she reads the books and discovers how good a book can be! Harry Potter is one of the many incredible books that can stand up against almost anything else that might catch a young person's attention - video games, sports, MTV, movies... I just wish I'd had that moment as a teenager. It's like the first time you watch a really thrilling movie. You can't wait to capture that moment again. You want to see another movie that will give you that feeling.

Also, the young adult writing that is out there nowadays just didn't exist before I don't think. Maybe it is just my imagination, but it really seems like there are more and more interesting young adult writers out there. They probably used to avoid the young adult market, but since Rowling came along they know that it is possible to write books that appeal to everyone since even adults enjoyed HP.

You're so lucky. There are so many interesting books out there just waiting for you to discover them and you have so many wonderful reading buddies who can recommend great books for you to read!

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