Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Hunger Games

This book is wicked. King and Meyer loved it.

A lot of girls are excited about reading this book I bought. It is a story about a futuristic world where people are all starving. The main character has to compete in some sort of dangerous TV reality show and in order to win she must kill the other 12 boys and 11 girls in the competition. This is going to be another hit - I can feel it now!!! Book two is out in a few more months.
BTW, I've already told Reader's Haven about it and I hope they will get some in.
This book is the one that Stephenie Meyer recommended on her website. Have a look at her entry for Sept. 17th at:

Anyway, after I read it, I will be giving it to Naqiah in 5E. Then Khairunnisa in 5F has asked for it. If you want to be next, just put your name in the comment section of this post.

Current Waitlist: Naqiah 5E, Khairunnisa 5F, Barirah 5D.


Barirah said...

Hey, Hunger Games really sounds so COOL! I really want to borrow it =)

Barirah 5B

Mr. Jason said...

You've got it Barirah. I've just finished it! You're third in line. Naqiah and Khairunnisa will probably read it next week - they are quick readers.