Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Meyer's fascinating science fiction love story is now being waitlisted.

This is another popular title right now so we had better start another waitlist. Yikes, it is going to be a challenge to keep track of all these. After a number of girls have read it, I will eventually release it to the SRR. However, we know how that works. Each girl has ia book for two weeks. Sometimes they don't bring it back on time and then they end up with the book for two months. That means all the eager readers lose out. I think that with a hot book like this, it will work better if I waitlist them and then the super readers will chew the books up in two days and pass them on to the next reader.

So, those of you who are interested in Meyer's alien love story (you can read more about it in an earlier post on my blog), please add your name in the comments sectionof this post.Right now one of the girls in 5D has it, but you could be next.

Current waitlist: nobody.


Mr Jason

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