Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Witches *****

Could you identify a REAL witch if you saw one?

A witch-hunting, cigar-smoking grandmother tells her grandson all about how to identify witches. They stumble upon a witch convention and are faced with protecting the children of England from a horrible death.

This story is so funny! I laughed and laughed. How did I miss this book when I was growing up? Roald Dahl is a very imaginative writer and I can’t wait for my son to grow up so I can read this with him! It tells us about all kinds of disgusting witch secrets. It even teaches us how to train a pet mouse to tightrope walk. Read the first ten pages. I guarantee you will want to read more! You are going to love this!

Quentin Blake’s drawings look quite crude and so the cover art isn’t very appealing, but once you get into the book you will enjoy their simplicity. They help to make the story even more entertaining and outrageous! Now, I've grown to like the little drawings a lot.

By the way, I really liked the loving relationship the boy has with his grandmother. I sure wish I had had a grandmother like her around when I was a kid! Well, except for the cigar smoking of course.

I have a copy of this one on my desk. I'm thinking about donating it to the reading room, but it is so hard to part with. Would anybody like to read it?

Click on the link to read the first few pages:


dinnah said...

dinnah 4b

Can i borrow the book Mr.Jason? i want to read the book after i finished reading Wuthering Heights.:)

Mr. Jason said...

Of course you can! It is on my desk under one of the many piles of books and papers.

I'm so glad you are having a look at Wuthering Heights. Actually, I'm shocked that 14 students signed it out. That's great. You are such a good reader that you could probably tackle the original. However, I still think the Heinemann is worth a quick read to get the plot down. BTW, Mr. Stephen says there are lots of movie versions around.