Monday, 6 October 2008

Goosebumps: One Day at Horrorland****

What if you were trapped in a haunted amusement park?

This book is awesome. I love the idea of it and I swear that R.L. Stine is a genius! He must have just been sitting around and thinking, "Hmmmm. What woud be a good setting for my next horror story? I know, how about an amusement park!"
What a great setting for a horror story. I mean, imagine it. You suddenly find yourself in an amusement park and you think, "Isn't this great? I love amusement parks." Only then you discover that it is haunted and full of monsters. What would happen? How would you escape?
Stine finds many ways to make the story more interesting. Lizzy is a teenager and she has a really annoying little brother named Luke. Part of the fun is in their difficult relationship. Their parents get lost trying to find Zoo Gardens and end up discovering an amusement park called "Horrorland". Nobody has ever heard of it and the parking lot is empty, but they decide to give it a try anyway. The kids figure it will be fun. Wrong!
You'll really enjoy this one. I read this last year and I'd love to buy a copy if anybody sees it around. Has anybody else read this? Just good fun.
If you would like to read the beginning of the story, follow the link and go to "excerpt"

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