Monday, 6 October 2008

Puffin Graphic Novels: Frankenstein***

What were they thinking when they put this ugly cover on a book? Yeesh!

I don't usually like monster stories. However, Gary Reed made the story very interesting and easy to read. I enjoyed the story even more because of the cool pictures. I loved the drawings by Frazer Irving. It felt like I was watching a really good movie.

I would recommend this too all of my students as a fun way to spend an hour or two. Be sure to take your time and enjoy the pictures!
What did I learn from the story? First of all, I learned that reading a graphic novel can be very fun. Although many people, including teachers, don't want their students to read comics, I think that reading them can be worthwhile. Students can still learn a lot of new and interesting words!
Frankestein's story teaches us that scientists must always consider the morality of what they do. Just because a scientist CAN do something, doesn't necessarily mean that he SHOULD do something. Also, it shows that sometimes new technology can create new problems for us. This science fiction theme is very common and it is great to read one of the stories that really came at the birth of the genre.

I donated my copy to the Senior Reading Room so there is a chance you may be able to read it. Also, they sell the Puffin Graphic books at Bookers in Gadong.
Want to see the first few pages? Follow the link and go to "excerpt":

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