Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Lack of Reading Culture

Did anybody read the front page of the Borneo Bulletin on Monday? If so, you may have noticed this:

Wow. That was a very bold statement by the Director of Social Services in the country.

Things are changing, though. Aren't they girls? The next generation - you - are going to be different. Our school is filled with booklovers. Sure, some of the girls are only now discovering the enjoyment that a book can bring, but our school's reading culture is growing very rapidly.

Each yeargroup seems to get stronger. Yes, the form six girls who have just left the school were good readers, but the form fives and the year nines are amazing. The upper secondary girls can't wait to get into the SRR. Books are being passed from one girl to another within classes. Some girls are reading a book a day.
I've said it before and I'll say it again - there are more pages being read at our school than at any other school in the country. And we will see it in school results very, very soon. Mark my words, within the next few years our girls will surpass even Maktab Sains in English O Level results.

Keep on reading girls! It is fun to read and it will make a world of difference for your success in the future!

And when you get older and become a mother, please promise me you will read to your children. Perhaps ten years from now the Borneo Bulletin headline will read something like this:


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