Monday, 17 August 2009

Conversations With J.K. Rowling by Lindsey Fraser

It is hard not to pick this book up. If you've read the Harry Potter series and enjoyed it (of course you did), then you'll probably want to know something about the amazing woman who wrote the series.

This book is great for a quick read. It is only 96 pages and you will rifle through them in no time. The font is quite large so the writer has cheated a little. As well, about 30 to 40 pages are filler stuff that you won't want to bother with - like summaries of the books (um, like you would read this book if you hadn't already read the series?). However, the first half of the book is broken into questions and answers and that is the best stuff and well worth reading.

I enjoy reading every word that Rowling has to say. She is an inspiration. This book is a fun, quick read and I think you will enjoy it. You should pick it up at the beginning of a reading room period and you will be able to get at the best parts before the period is over.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. By the way, don't you just love the cover? The artist did such a good job of the picture. It's cute, isn't it? And it is so appropriate to have her sitting down at the coffee shop with a pen and paper - just the way she wrote a lot of her books!

3/5 stars

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sarala said...

You've convinced me. I'm going to give you some Bookmooch points. I am giving away extras so that I end up with fewer books on my shelf than I started with when joining bookmooch. So I'm sending you a few and more after I have more books mooched.
Happy reading.