Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Incredible New Books from Mary!

We received another incredible box of books from Mary in the USA this week! She has sent us some really amazing books that you are just going to love.
First of all, she sent us a hardcover boxed set of the Twilight series. Can you believe it? I tried so hard to get a hardcover copy of Twilight and couldn't manage it because it never caught on here when the book first came out, but Mary was able to get us a whole set of the series. Fantastic, right? Thanks Mary! Our Twilight books have been out all year as there are still many girls who haven't had a chance to read them so these books will be an added incentive for them to start! :-)
On top of that, one of the most popular books around is Fallen by Lauren Kate. You've probably noticed the cover on the bulletin board this year. A lot of girls enjoyed this novel and we have had a wait list most of the year. Well, you will be excited to know that Mary sent us a hardcover version of Fallen in her box this month! As well, she included the much anticipated second book, Torment in hardcover. BTW, I recently bought my own softcover copy of Fallen which I will donate in January so it looks like you will have a good chance of reading it in 2011. Feel free to add your name to the waitlist next year.
Mary also sent us some Teens' Top Ten books in Wintergirls by popular author Laurie Halse Anderson and Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. I've been wanting to read shiver for a while now. It comes highly recommended and took #4 in the 2010 Teens' Top Ten. As well, Mary has added Patterson's Max which goes along with the Top Ten Maximum Ride novels. Now that we have numerous hardcovers in the series I'm expecting that they will really take off!
In addition, the box included a series by Frewin Jones that will likely be very popular. The books are The Faerie Path and The Lost Queen. The cover art is nice on these two and they are the kinds of books that tend to get picked up. I hope to hear a review of these from one of the girls next year.
I'd like to take this chance to thank Mary for her generosity. These books will be well-loved for years to come!

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