Sunday, 22 August 2010

Mockingjay Out Aug 24th

Wow, it's finally coming out!

Those of you who have read the Hunger Games series (and loved it) will be happy to know that the wait is over. Mockingjay, the final book in the trilogy, will be out August 24th.

We are very lucky because Peta has already ordered us two copies from bookdepository so we should get them in just a couple of weeks! Yay! Thanks so much Peta.

In the lead up to the release, the book blogging community is starting to get really excited. If you are a fan of the series, have a look at Steph Su's (always interesting and informative) blog:


Anonymous said...

Elsie 9A - i'm so loving the catching fire shirt and also the team Peeta and team Gale..reminds me of Twilight although Hunger Games is a million times better :D

Who is Mr. Jason? said...

I agree. And I'm amazed that now there is merchandise being sold for popular books. Now if we could just get some of that stuff (like the t-shirts) here!

Anonymous said...

Elsie 9A - yeah'll be like hunger games mania merchandise sale exclusive in stpri haha..that will be awesome

Anonymous said...

Elsie 9A - hope someone brings the hunger games merchandise to Brunei..that will be so awesome