Tuesday, 9 June 2009

McCaughrean Books Available

I stopped at Icklebooks in Kiarong today and I'm happy to announce that they recently received a shipment of two Peter Pan in Scarlet hardcover books. The cost to own one of the most beautiful books ever printed is $23.90. I think I still have a couple of autographed book plates so if you buy one of those copies please let me know and we'll be sure to add an autograph to it.

The staff must have been shocked when the four copies that had been sitting on the shelf for a year suddenly all got snapped up in one week (after we read it in class and everyone was crazy about owning a copy).
If you are trying to figure out where Icklebooks is, you can always check the map on their website.
Also, when I was having a look around the reading room today, I noticed that we have another McCaughrean book called The Kite Rider. If you sign it out and read it, please let us know if it is good. Thanks.

Furthermore, I know we have a copy of McCaughrean's The White Darkness as well. I lent it to one of the girls in 5B before the last holiday (Asiyah?). Did it get read? Was it any good? This is another book that might interest the McCaughrean fans out there.

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